Hot Air Entering? Cold Air Escaping?  Unsafe Slippery Floors? Product Loss?

Doors by Concept productsMaintaining Temperature Control in your facility can be a huge problem! Open Doors usually contribute to a large proportion of this issue. Creating solutions for this problem is a constant exercise for Concept Products

Fast Acting Rapid Doors and Freezer Doors are the most effective in controlling temperatures, not only can the doors be varying degrees of thermal properties, but the auto open and close features ensure minimum open times!

Strip Curtains and Air Curtains also play their part in controlling temperatures, especially on shopping centre and cafe entrances where a lower level of temperature change is happening.


Bacteria/Germ Transfer? Product Contamination? Un-Hygienic Doors? 

Helping Pass AuditsKeeping Hygiene under control is a huge concern for Food Processing Facilities, Healthcare Facilities and even comes down to Supermarkets and local Cafe’s. Audits are regular and require the constant monitoring of facilities.

Concept has developed a range of industrial door products & solutions specifically useful for stopping this Product Contamination and Bacteria Transfer, Rapid Doors can provide a ‘No-Contact’ doorway to prevent product touching facility. Special Stainless steel and door features can be included to make facility entirely washdown. Corrosion Free swingdoors stop the problem of Timber Flaking particularly in Healthcare Industries.




Wasted Energy at Doorways? Discomfort – Struggling Air conditioning?

doors by concept productsReducing Energy is now one of the Key Concerns of every facility! the amount of traffic flow required in a manufacturing area makes Doorways a vulnerable area for losing temperature control resulting in higher energy costs for your facility!

Concepts High Speed Doors are ideal for assisting in this problem, Fast Acting, Automatic and with different Thermal Properties these cold storage doors are an excellent advantage from manual doors – solving the problem of the door being left open, or a low thermal property door being used during the day as the manual is too heavy.

The Ideal Solution for Temperature Controlled Zones is the Bi-Part, High Speed, Freezer Door by Concept – this door has full Thermal Properties as a Sliding Coolroom door, speeds of a Rapid Door and the added feature of Bi-Parting!




 Flies/Insects walking in the Door? Noise and Dust Prevalent?

Insects Entering into CafeControlling Elements – Dust, Insects, Temperature and even Wind, Air Pressure are all critical elements depending on your Industry.

Air Curtains create a physical air barrier – helping prevent the access of Insects/ Flies/ Dust/ Temperature and Wind into your Facility! Easy to install these products are an easy advantage for your site

Strip Curtains, Swing Doors and High Speed Doors provide a more physical barrier against these Elements! More effective in responding to the Problem than Air  Curtains, there are many applications when a physical barrier isn’t possible…



 Traffic Hold Up’s in your Doorways?  Doorway Bottleneck Accidents?

doors by concept productsTraffic Flow can be a huge concern for your Industry! Employee Safety when using Doors, Visibility through doors and ease of access from Shop Floor to back of house.

Swing Doors hold a large advantage over Timber and fixed doors! lightweight to hit, and windows for visibility can hugely assist in traffic flow

Rapid Doors have a large range of Window Options saving doorway accidents, and the revolutionary Bi-Parting Freezer Door has a huge advantage with its instant full height viewing!


 Doorway Breakdown? Plant & Property Damage?

Preventative Maintenance

Continual Maintenance, High Costs of Downtime and Maintenance are crippling for the Food Production Industry! Especially in Critical Hygiene areas where mistakes cannot happen!

Concept offers a range of Quality Doorway Systems with a range of expert features such as Doorway Knockout, Extra Layers and protection in Swingdoors, Windows for better visibility and Soft Bottom Bar in Rapid Doors to help prevent Employee Harm!

Also Concept offers a range of Preventative Maintenance packages which are ideal for keeping your site up-to-date to prevent these unwanted breakdown that are almost impossible to banish from the automated industry! Along with this Concept has a dedicated team of technicians in Perth which is ready for installation services and repairs if required.


Specializing in Custom Door Solutions Perth – speak to Concept today for your solution.

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