PVC Strip Curtain


your effective doorway barrier using PVC strips to provide a barrier against the elements without blocking access or vision

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We have recorded 24% energy saving with our PVC stripcurtains!

  – this is due to material quality and proven mounting systems.

When installing a stripcurtain, the success & longevity of the barrier is dependent on the correctness of the width, thickness & profile of the strip and the mounting system – in relation to the exact opening issues & traffic flow. Of course, the longevity is also pivotal on the quality of material & mounting method.

Only the highest quality material & proven systems are used by Concept Products – we do not believe the logic in supplying a strip door curtain that doesn’t effectively control issues, or is not suited for traffic flow. At Concept Products we only offer excellent quality plastic strip curtain and flap doors.



Fully Corrosion Free System

Heavy duty anodized aluminum track – Face or Head mount

Stainless Steel bolts, nuts & washers

Strip are individually bolted to track – for future individual strip replacement

Exclusive Anti-stress dished washers for longer strip life


PVC QUALITYClear PVC Strip Curtain

Approved by FDA & Endorsed by HACCP Australia

European-sourced PVC

Food Grade PVC

Self extinguishing PVC

PVC is free of heavy metal stabilizers – such as Cadmium, Lead, Barium Zinc

UV stabilized

PVC is overlapped to control air or contamination



Dura Grade – suited for ambient to zero degree use

Pola Grade – designed for longevity in freezer temperatures

Bumper Strip Upgrade – Vertical Extra thick ribs help prevent strips sticking together, reduce wear & tear, increase longevity & keep strips cleaner

Strip width from 100mm – 400mm

Strip thickness from 1.5mm – 4mm

PVC Sheet available also – up to 2200mmW x 7mm thick

Transparent coloured Strip available – for visual app eal

Insect Repellent strip – a formulated colour to repel insects

Reinforced Strip – Nylon reinforcing cords to increase strength



500s track – includes lid to cover fixings

Stainless Steel Hook-on System – for individual strip removal

Sliding curtain tracks – maintenance free & custom to suit any application


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