About Us

Welcome to Concept Products –  where YOU are our business.

Our vision is to solve your problems – provide an exact solution to more than meet your expectations & resolve your issues!

This best solution is made possible due to our experience, vast knowledge and networking with global markets.


Experience – 45 years proven Family run business.

Latest & Greatest – Cutting edge technology and door systems both made right here and Internationally sourced.

Assurance – Australian owned, Australian managed, Local Commitment.

Customize – full factory for unique productions.

Maintain  –  Constant on-road technicians and commercial & industrial door installation contractors.



The Concept Products team is enthused about finding the best ways to improve your situation!

We are keen to display to you proven systems to save you money and time and improve conditions.

Your result is what motivates the Concept Products team.



  1. To understand clients’ exact needs and issues .
  2. Enlighten where losses can happen through doorways that are not immediately obvious
  3. Resolve these issues and headaches for clients’  – utilising vast product options, experience and custom designing to suit.
  4. Bring in greater productivity, more control for every doorway, save money in energy, temperature control, downtime, maintenance, product loss, potential safety issues.
  5. Increase clients’ company image, quality and staff pride in company.



Honesty – in every interaction, every detail – every day.

Loyalty – to our clients, our company, ourselves.

Accountability  – to our commitments and to providing the best result to our clients.

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