We are working with proactive facilities by installing flexible curtains and dividers for better control.

Decreasing risk to employees and reducing potential shutdown requirement risk are big issues that we are currently working with facilities on. By installing segregation curtains and walls within the large areas of a facility we are able to limit staff numbers in each zone, therefore reducing extent of shutdown area required if an employee becomes infected.
Using Clear PVC Sheeting we can create a complete wall-like barrier by mounting these within your facility. Clear offers your complete visibility and PVC is easy to clean to maintain hygiene.
We have a huge range of customizable screening options and from our years of experience in the field, we can use many different options including coloured and clear curtains, fixed, temporary or sliding divider options. 
Read more at: https://conceptproducts.com.au/segregation-barrier-systems-for-area-zoning-and-maintaining-hygiene/

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