Industrial Segregation Barrier Curtains




Safeguard your facility from potential shutdown risk by proactively segregating areas.


Create zones within your facility to minimize areas requiring shutdown if infected.


We are working with proactive facilities by installing these flexible curtains and dividers before an emergency hits.

We have seen massive impact from Covid 19 on facilities, social distancing rules and possible infection spread are creating difficulties for large facilities to remain operational.

Decreasing risk to employees and reducing potential shutdown requirement risk are big issues that we are currently working with facilities on. By installing segregation curtains and walls within the large areas of a facility we are able to limit staff numbers in each zone, therefore reducing extent of shutdown area required if an employee becomes infected.

We have a huge range of customizable screening options and from our years of experience in the field, we can use many different options including coloured and clear curtains, fixed, temporary or sliding divider options. All these products can be customized to suit how your facility operates, your needed access points and whether it is a temporary or permanent solution.

Full range of products such as clear screening, dividing curtain walls, no touch rapid action and sliding door options, full washdown capable products and hygiene doors can also contribute to making your facility low risk, increase your hygiene control, and have a safer workplace.


Scroll down to look at the product options, and get in touch with us to discuss the best options to minimize the risk at your facility.


Clear Stripcurtain Barrier

Simple to install to existing facilities, PVC Clean Strip Curtains provide a complete barrier across your facility or entrance with the added flexibility easy access, simple walk through the PVC strips, no sliding motor or doorway required.



Clear Fixed Sheetcurtains

Using PVC Sheeting we can create a complete wall-like barrier by mounting these within your facility. Clear offers your complete visibility and PVC is easy to clean to maintain hygiene.



Coloured Fixed Stripcurtains

Like the Clear PVC Stripcurtains, the Coloured Strip Curtain can be mounted easily within your facility and offers easy access after installation. Colour provides effective distancing between different zones if required.



Clear Sheet Sliding Curtain Barriers

Sliding Curtain Barriers using Clear Sheeting are a used to completely wall off areas of your facility whilst keeping vision open and the option of sliding the curtain open for different projects or ease of access.



Solid Colour Fixed Curtain Walls

Fixed Curtain Walls can provide a complete wall across your existing facility, many colours and options available. This option will completely segregate between different areas of your facility as effective as installing a new wall.



Solid Colour Sliding Curtain Walls

Sliding Curtain Walls, as above provide a complete wall solution across your facility – doorway access can be created within the curtain wall. The sliding option lets you add sliding tracks to your wall allowing wall to be retracted when not required or for large equipment access.



Staff Partitions

Using unique track configurations and sheets of rigid or flexible PVC we have partition dividers that can be used to segregate between staff on production lines or areas of close contact.



Counter Partitions

To protect people on counter areas we have a range of clear divider options to segregate between customer and shop staff to prevent possible infection spread over the counter. Multiple configurations allow for transfer of goods and payment below or beside the screen whilst maintaining protection.


Touchless Rapid Roll Doors

Rapid Roll Doors use a Roll-Up mechanism which allows for zero contact with the door during use – ideal for stopping bacteria transfer or food contamination. Additional activation options can be remote activation, radar activation (the ideal for zero touch – door simply lifts up when approached) or push button options.


Clear Swingdoor Barriers

Clear PVC Swingdoors provide a simple doorway solutions to close off open doorways and yet allow simple push through access for trolleys or pedestrians. Maintain full vision and safety with full clear door panels.



Air Curtain - Healthcare


Aircurtains provide a curtain of air prevent temperature and insect control in your doorways – this is a wall of air rather than a physical barrier which means on touch points for customers/employees when they enter doorway but a continual protection against the ingress of insects, and escaping of temperature. 

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