–          Reduce costs by reducing refrigerated area size – constantly!Truck Temperature Curtain

–          Prevent temperature loss whilst doors are open

–          Correct Product storage temperatures are maintained

–          Comply with industry regulations for food transport

–          Provides a visual barrier for stock security whilst unloading

–          Create different zones within truck


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Refrigerated Transport carriers will know it’s not always easy to keep the load at the correct temperature……..  especially in summer……….. Add in a number of drop offs or door opening cycles, and the temperature rises accordingly……….. &……….

So – does -the -running -cost………!

Concept Products does have a proven solution to this common problem!

The Concept Products Transport barrier system can be retro-fitted to any truck style or body, & will guarantee to save you energy, stabilize temperatures & even create different zones in your one body!

A range of different system are available to suit your exact run schedule – you can fit a fixed PVC Strip barrier on any door openings for an effective (proven 24%!!) thermal barrier or a full North/South & East West sliding barrier!!  The full sliding system means that you can constantly change the refrigerated area size – therefore reducing your energy costs immediately!

The standard features are:

–          Complete Corrosion free construction

–          Anodized Aluminium Rails, Nylon & Stainless Steel wheel s & bearings

–          Lubrication free, waterproof sliding system

–          Wall mounted tracks for maximum strength &rigidity –  load is spread evenly

–          No mounting to roof structure

–          Incremented stopping positions – reduce area sizes with each stop!

–          Fully serial numbered for traceability

Customize to suit your truck  – choose from a full range of strip material & sheet!

Contact the Concept Products team to learn more on how we can save you energy, money & time.

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