Coolroom doors are an excellent choice for freezers, which need an airtight seal to keep cool air inside. Concept Products are a carrier of doorway solutions, including high-quality coolroom doors in Perth. They are owned and operated out of Australia and are equipped with a full factory so they can manufacture doors that will fit any space and customise them to accommodate any need.

Concept Products carry The 6000s Carona lift clear panel door system, a revolutionary type of coolroom door. This type of coolroom door is unique in that it has a full lift, drawing it clear off the floor and away from the wall as you swing it open to provide an easy and efficient, friction-free lift. Not only does this provide you additional ease when trying to come and go, but it also prolongs the longevity of your door, as it’s not constantly being worn down by repeated friction when it’s opened. The door also drops against the opening when it’s shut, creating an airtight refrigerator seal that will keep the cold air on the inside.

Concept Products place emphasis on always giving the customer a friendly and honest experience. As professionals who have been in the industry for over 45 years, they are experienced in guiding their customers to the right doorway solution for their needs. They also have a team of installers and technicians to install your new door as quickly as possible and keep it functioning at top capability so it never becomes a barrier when you’re trying to get work done. If you’re looking for a freezer door, choose Concept Products for your coolroom doors in Perth.

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