The Advantages of Composite Decking in and around Perth

Australia has some of the largest houses in the world. That means that everything in and around the house is big, too. Because of the added expense when it comes to things like cabinets, walls, and decking, you want to use materials that are going to last a long time while still looking great. When it comes to decking in Perth, there are few options that are better than composite.

Types of Decking

You actually have quite a few options when it comes to decking. There are four main materials that are used to build decks, and each of them has advantages, whether you are worried about aesthetics, upkeep, weather resistance, or overall durability. Pressure treated lumber is the first choice, and it is definitely the most inexpensive. However, it does crack and warp quite easily. Redwood or Cedar are generally hailed as the most beautiful of all decking choices, but they are both incredibly expensive, especially in Australia. Plus, they require a lot of time and attention to maintain their original look and feel. Exotic hardwoods share the downsides of redwood and cedar, though they are structurally very dependable. They don’t take stains well, but require staining in order to preserve their colour. Next, you have composite decking. Composite decking is made from wood fibres, plastic, or both. Here you can have a deck essentially maintenance free, meaning you can relax on the weekends and not have to oil your deck!Some downsides however to Wood plastic composite are that they expand and contract, fade, scratch and just look plastic. The top of the range maintenance free decking is Millboard. This is a polyurethane blend whereby every board is individually hand cast into a mold of timber. These look amazing! The only decking board that has not had a warranty issue and every customer over the moon with their Millboard deck.

Why Should You Use Composite Decking?

Unlike most of the other materials, composite decking and Millboard decking will definitely withstand the test of time. It will last through years of beating sun, torrential rain, or even the (extremely rare) snow storm. Upkeep costs are minimal- you don’t have to stain the composite wood. Already, hundreds of homes in the Canning Vale, Rossmoyne, and Willetton areas have made the switch to Millboard, and everyone loves it. Millboard is the fastest growing deck material, so you will want to get your hands on some very soon.



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