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Dock Safety – What can you do?

March 20th, 2017 by

Your Loading Dock – Is it really Safe?Barrier Rail - Wall protection - Forklift Safety

In the rush to get product out, keep trucks operating and speed up delivery – are the problems being overlooked?

how would your loading dock stand up under the scrutiny of an auditor?

are your pedestrian’s safe from the busy forklifts?

are your forklift drivers safe moving in and out of trucks?

is your product being looked after? temperatures being maintained?

and is your facility keeping up with the pace?

Near misses, product waste and facility damage are warning signs we cant afford to miss!

Solutions can be simple, barrier’s seperating pedestrians from forklifts, traffic light systems keeping the truck and forklift in contact with each other, Bumprail to save your facility walls from constant scraping and more effective seals around your dock to keep your internal temperature maintained.

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Your Loading Dock – A Big Expensive Gaping Hole?

May 26th, 2016 by

Dock Seals - Dock Doors

Tremendous Energy & Expense is commonly wasted with controlled air escaping through your Load Out Area!


Get Intelligent – Read this article: The Elephant in the room

This article covers – 4 ways you can quickly pay-off that gaping hole!

1 – Hug the truck with good Dock Seals!

2 – Soften the blow with an Impact-Able Dock Door!

3 – Use compression Seals

4 – Schedule dock/truck deliveries well

More information on products that will bring these savings to you;

Dock Seals, Vertical Lift Doors, Truck Curtains

 Free consultation is available from Concept Products team if you have questions about your loading dock!

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