Medical Doorstheatre doors 5000 series

Positive Pressure Maintained – Ensuring maintenance of positive pressure required by operating theaters – through full surround rubber door seals

Easier for your staff – Easier and more functional to use for busy staff and patients – due to these doors being almost 50% lighter in weight than a standard timber swing door

No deterioration over time – Unlike timber swing doors, the 4500 Series will not splinter and will not absorb moisture.

Infection Control – due to the 4500 series door panel not absorbing moisture it therefore restricts mould/bacteria formation. This ensures easier streilisation and aseptic operating conditions from doorways which are, ironically, one of the busiest and most heavily handled furnishings in a healthcare facility.

No Maintenance or Upkeep – the 4500 series door will never require painting and retains its clean attractive appearance due to the colour being evenly impregnated through the skin

Temperatures Controlled – Thermal Value Comparable with 100mm polystyrene panel due to the high density urethane foam filled door panel

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Light Weight Design:

  • Panels constructed of rota-moulded polyethylene
  • Approx. 50% less weight vs solid core timber door
  • Breakaway comparison
    • OHS Standard is 5kg breakaway maximum.
    • Concept door = 5kg breakaway; 3kg run weight
    • Solid timber door = 8-12kg breakaway; 5kg run weight
  • Minimum 30% less force required
  • OH&S issues associated with staff pushing through heavy timber doors
    • Shoulder injuries
    • Back injuries

Shock Absorbing:

Hospital Doors


Low Maintenance Design:

  • 4500 series Self lubricating mechanism system as opposed to auto door mechanisms
  • No need for painting
    • Painting leads to additional life costs of the asset
    • Flaking paint due to impact
  • Shock absorption and low weight means hinges, closing mechanisms, windows, frame etc. won’t require constant maintenance

Cross Linked Polyethelyne Skin:

  • One piece rota moulded shell
  • Superior for infectious control
    • Easy to clean down
    • Impervious to moisture –  bacteria cannot build up on/in the panel
    • Panel will not deteriorate over time, preventing moisture and bacteria build up
  • Impervious to impact – will not crack, splinter, shatter like timber doors
  • Leading edge is extremely thick, approx. 10mm
  • No painting required

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