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4 Ways to decrease your maintenance costs!

March 20th, 2017 by

Impact Absorbing BollardsMaintenance Costs Still Rising?

  4 simple ways you can decrease your maintenance costs! 

  1. Install Wall Protection – protect your walls, save them getting worn down with constant forkllift/trolley scraping
  2. Consider replacing timber doors with PVC Swingdoors, staff, trolleys and forklifts can push through with leaving no damage to the door
  3. Bollards around your doorway, these are simple and easy to install, and can save you possible accidents and damage to your door frames
  4. review your doorways, do you have the right doors installed? Rapid Roll Doors now have a soft bottom edge and clever knockout technology, saving you $ in damage when forklift accidentally collides with your high speed door.

Concept has the technology and expertise to review your  facility and give you recommendations on ways you can save:

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