Millboard’s unique hidden decking fasteners called Durafix just screw in. There’s no pre-drilling, counter sinking or fiddly clip fixings needed….and you dont see the fixings!!




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Screws and torq drive







The unique flexible Lastane material returns back on itself, leaving the smallest of entry holes whilst hiding the head of the screw, resulting in a cleaner surface finish. Durafix hidden decking fasteners have a self-cutting tip, a torx drive head and are wax lubricated for ease of use.

Available as either 50mm or 70mm long.

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Bullnose Edging (50x33x2400)


The Millboard edging provides a stylish finishing touch for any project.

This Bullnose edging works in conjunction with fascia boards and is invaluable wherever there is a change of level or to provide an elegant framing effect. The resilient Lastane surface provides extra grip.

Edgings are manufactured in rigid (standard) and flexible material for a tight bend and are available in all Millboard colours.


Bullnose flexible edging shown




Fascia Boards (146x18x2400)

One way to make sure that the end result of your Millboard Composite Decking is neat and tidy is to invest in decorative fascia boards, as these result in a seamless finish every time. The decorative edging adds a finishing touch that could really enhance your project, by hiding away the underneath which can look out of place compared to the stunning decking installed above.

The decorative fascia boards work in conjunction with our edging profiles and are supplied rigid as standard but can be requested in a flexible style if you have a curved design for your decking. They can also be requested in any of the colours which we supply, so they will match perfectly and complete your desired look.

Decorative edging is great for multi-layered decking whether it is at your domestic property or within a commercial environment, the decorative edging we supply will no doubt create a positive impression. At competitive prices, this allows you to finish off the look of your new decked area without breaking the bank.

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Millboard Composite Decking Weathered Driftwood

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