Swing doors are an excellent choice for businesses because they’re affordable, user-friendly, and maximise the flow of traffic throughout your space. They can also seal up your space to create a privacy, environmental, or occupational health and safety barrier. If you’re looking to optimise your space, Concept Products carries swing doors in Canning Vale that can be customised to fit any doorway.

Concept Products has a full factory on site, so they can manufacture and customise all swing doors right here in Australia. Each swing door is made from sturdy, European PVC, surrounded by waterproof, corrosion-free aluminium frame, so it will keep working and looking great for years to come. Swing doors are also equipped with a double return mechanism, so they can open and close automatically to easily control the flow of traffic throughout your space. The doors come with a safety mechanism that catches it if there’s a high impact, so you run less risk of an accident.

Concept Products is in the business of accommodating all of their customers, helping them find the best doorway solution for their needs. They can customise your swing doors in Canning Vale any way you want, adjusting size, colour, privacy finish, thickness, frame, and even signage, where they place laminated signs in the PVC, which will protect them from ever getting damaged. They have over 45 years of experience in the industry, which means they can lead you to the right door for your needs. Addionally, they have mobile technicians and installers on the road to help you with your door whenever you need it. Concept Products is truly in the business of helping you.

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