Energy Costs – and how to reduce these

Energy/Electricity will escape out any opening – Doorways, Windows, Gaps in seals…

…so one way to reduce our Energy $ is to concentrate on these areas.

Can we really stop precious controlled air escaping out our facility, or the hot/cold air ingress from outside?

Specializing in your doorways, Concept has many products aimed at reducing your Electricity costs through better doorway control! Stripcurtains, a light duty thermal barrier which doesn’t affect visibility or ease of access – idea for retail shop entrances or food prep entrances – Also helps keep the flies out!

Air Curtains, an air barrier created by a strong flow of air from a wall mounted unit – idea for shop entrances where it is not possible to have a stripcurtain or closing door – Also limits insect ingress.

For the heavier duty operations, PVC swing doors are an effective barrier and also very easy access, Rapid Roll Doors offer automated access whilst offering one of the best barriers against energy/electricity escaping.

Contact Concept Products for a free consultation on which products will really make a difference to your energy $ and will suit your traffic flow.




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