Although many people don’t think about them, doors can really make or break your business. Especially if you’re a business who uses a freezer to store your products, you need a sturdy door with an airtight seal that will keep all the cool air in and never compromise the quality of your products. If you have a freezer, you need a coolroom door.

Concept Products carry the best coolroom doors in South Perth, offering a revolutionary coolroom door system called the 6000s Carona lift clear door panel. Unlike standard coolroom doors, this system has a full lift that picks it up off the ground and carries it away from the wall, so you don’t have to fight against friction every time you want to get something out. This feature not only provides your business with additional ease so you’ll get more done but also ensures that your door will last longer since it’s not constantly being worn down by friction. This type of coolroom door also ensures an airtight seal, as it falls against the doorway when it closes.

Coolroom doors in South Perth are nothing without Concept Products’ excellent customer service. As professionals in the business for almost 45 years, they love to offer customers their friendly expertise to lead them to the perfect solution for their doorway needs. They even have a team of talented installers and technicians to get your new door up as quickly as possible and make sure it works great for years to come. Turn to Concept Products for your coolroom doors in South Perth.

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