If you own a grocery store or another business that’s heavily reliant on a freezer to cool your products, then you need the perfect door for your cooler. The wrong door can be difficult to open or let out cold air, compromising the freshness of your products. Make sure you have the right door by purchasing a coolroom door.

Concept Products are a carrier of a range of doorway solutions, including coolroom doors in Canning Vale. They offer The 6000s Carona lift clear door panel system, which differs from typical coolroom doors in that it has a full lift, which draws it up off of the ground and away from the door. This system makes opening your freezer door much easier because there’s no friction when you pull. This is also beneficial because it increases the longevity of your door, which isn’t constantly worn down by scraping against the floor. The sturdy design of the 6000s Carona lift system also enables it to fall against the opening as it closes, creating an airtight seal that will keep all of your products fresh.

Concept Products are the ideal provider of coolroom doors in Canning Vale because they not only carry the highest quality doors but also have excellent customer service to match. Because they’re equipped with a full factory here in Australia, they can manufacture customised doors to suit the space and needs of any client. Since they’ve been working in the industry for over 45 years, they have the expertise to help guide you to the perfect coolroom door for you. Always honest and friendly, choose Concept Products for your coolroom doors in Canning Vale.

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