Air curtains are a popular way to keep contaminants and air from one space out of another, through the force of air blowing downward to ensure the two areas remain separate. Many stores and businesses utilise air curtains on doors or doorways that are frequently left open, to keep temperatures inside cool or warm, without being impacted by temperatures outside. Air curtains for Canning Vale businesses are a simple way to leave doorways open and free to entry, without contaminating the air inside.

If air curtains in Canning Vale could be the perfect solution to your doorway issues, reach out to Concept Products for the best options and installation services in the area.

Concept Products is a business with over four decades’ worth of experience selling and installing air curtains in the Canning Vale area. They offer their clients unique building solutions to just about any problem. Concept Products is proud to be Australian owned and enjoys tackling challenging problems for their customers. From air curtains to dock seals, Concept Products offers a wide range of equipment to benefit your company. Their air curtains range from 900mm – 1800mm to ensure the perfect fit for your door.

If you think air curtains might be the doorway solution you have been seeking, talk to Concept Products to find out more information about pricing, installation, and the benefits involved. To get started, visit them online at

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