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Our weathered decking bards will add character and style, these charming boards, available in two natural colours, create areas of timeless beauty, having been moulded from hand-picked antique oak boards of over 100 years old. These harmonise perfectly in either contemporary or traditional settings.

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The Weathered Boards are: 200mm x 3600mm x 32mm

Weathered-Driftwood-Decking Weathered-Vintage-Decking

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Anti Slip
  • Low maintenance
weathered – technical specificationSlip Resistance:
Pendulum Test on dry Weathered Oak = 81 classification : ‘Excellent Anti-Slip’
Pendulum Test on wet Weathered Oak = 65 classification : ‘Low Potential for Slip’
See Technical Information for more details.
Millboard passes the slip resistance test in all directions as the ‘Lastane’ finish covers the entire surface area.Taber Abrasion Test using type H22 wheels: in accordance with ISO 9352:
The lower figure indicates higher resistance to wear.Product: Cycles:
Millboard Lastane 302
Softwood Timber Decking 333
Fire classification: using Underwriters UL94 test standard
All samples passed V2 test criteria, all samples were self extinguishing.
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