Notice immediate improvement!!Cafe Aircurtain by Concept Products

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Mining Suited Aircurtains

From 330W up to 2200W Motors

Air flow from 9 m/s up to 28m/s! (metres/second)

Units for every doorway

Huge range of sizes  – 900mm, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800

Single Phase & 3 phase power options

Custom designing available also

Supply/ Delivery/Installation options


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Commercial Aircurtain by Concept Products

Industrial Aircurtain by Concept Products







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Aircurtains are an excellent innovation to provide an invisible barrier to control the access of insects, dust, fumes & other airborne nuisances – also helping control temperatures & keep out unwanted Hot/cold air.

The main benefit of an aircurtain, is that it provides no physical barrier – thus maintaining a free access way for clients/staff or any traffic flow!

A thin blade of air is blow down over the face of the opening at a high velocity thus creating an invisible barrier that reduces the transfer of air & restricts access of airborne nuisances.


Providing it is correctly specified for the exact opening & scenario details, an effective aircurtain will also save energy on expensive air-conditioning running costs – by helping maintaining correct temperatures!

Air Curtain by Concept Products

Concept Products have developed a wide range of industrial air curtains & doors, so whatever the situation – you can prove maximum benefits – whether it be a small retail shop or a café opening, or a forklift warehouse entry through to a mining camp in 45 degree heat.

Please tell us your requirements – we will ensure a correct unit is specified – achieving you a hygienic, safe environment & reducing your energy costs.


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