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Get on top of the Fly Problem before Summer!

October 17th, 2017 by

Summers coming and so are the flies! Get on top of the Fly Problem before it gets on top of you.

At Concept we specialize in creating solutions to really combat problems such as Flies entering your Food Facility or Cafe, using well proven products such as Strip Curtains and Air Curtains we can prove to you the difference you will notice immediately!

Energy Costs – and how to reduce these

April 11th, 2017 by

Energy/Electricity will escape out any opening – Doorways, Windows, Gaps in seals…

…so one way to reduce our Energy $ is to concentrate on these areas.

Can we really stop precious controlled air escaping out our facility, or the hot/cold air ingress from outside?

Specializing in your doorways, Concept has many products aimed at reducing your Electricity costs through better doorway control! Stripcurtains, a light duty thermal barrier which doesn’t affect visibility or ease of access – idea for retail shop entrances or food prep entrances – Also helps keep the flies out!

Air Curtains, an air barrier created by a strong flow of air from a wall mounted unit – idea for shop entrances where it is not possible to have a stripcurtain or closing door – Also limits insect ingress.

For the heavier duty operations, PVC swing doors are an effective barrier and also very easy access, Rapid Roll Doors offer automated access whilst offering one of the best barriers against energy/electricity escaping.

Contact Concept Products for a free consultation on which products will really make a difference to your energy $ and will suit your traffic flow.




Fresher Product in your Retail Store

March 30th, 2017 by

Losing Product in your Retail Store?

Stripdoorshelp make Food fresher, tastier and longer lasting with taking control of your facility starting with the doorway!

simple updates such as install a stripcurtain or aircurtain to your entrance can make the difference!

Food Audit Coming Up?

March 20th, 2017 by

Run a Retail Food Store?Hygiene Control in Retail Stores

Don’t let your next food audit keep you awake at night!

talk to the team at Concept Products, we have simple solutions to bring your site back up to expectations.

These solutions such as Stripcurtains and Aircurtains have been proven by many retail customer throughout WA.


Tips on reaching maximum energy efficiency in a Retail Store

February 28th, 2017 by

What really is the best way to keep your Retail Store cool in summer and warm in winter? We simply can’t ignore the extra energy costs it takes to cool down the room after a blast of summer heat just blew in the doorway, and in a busy shop doorway – this will affect the efficiency of the entire store!

At Concept we research this – How to keep the inside at the temperature you need! What can you use? What really are the best options?

Through years of experience, Concept has got the following two recommendations that will really make a difference!

  • Air Curtains – simply install above your existing door, provides no obstruction, full vision into store, no heavy doors to push, keep your doorway open! So what will this Air Curtain do? By providing a barrier of continual strong airflow from Air-curtain down to the ground, this product will provide that extra control! Picture your Retail Store with less insects, less dust and much more effective control of inside temperature, decrease in energy costs – and your doors still wide open!
  • Stripcurtains – Easy to install, mounted inside or outside your external doorway these PVC Strips or Flaps will be a barrier against Dust, Insects, Flies and Temperature coming in your doorway. These PVC Stripcurtains are clear plastic, this means your doorway will still look open even through there is a physical barrier in place! Customer can simply push through and PVC flaps will drop back in place behind them. Simple, Inexpensive and effective!

Many more products are available, in particular PVC Swing Doors can be used on doorways with trolley access. At Concept we are focused on custom solutions, application based products and site specific recommendations. Please contact and discuss your store, we will recommend the best ways to get the most effective temperature control on your doorway – contact us today.

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